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re_pattern_buffer Struct Reference

#include <regex.h>

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Public Attributes

unsigned char * buffer
unsigned long allocated
unsigned long used
reg_syntax_t syntax
char * fastmap
char * translate
size_t re_nsub
unsigned can_be_null: 1
unsigned regs_allocated: 2
unsigned fastmap_accurate: 1
unsigned no_sub: 1
unsigned not_bol: 1
unsigned not_eol: 1
unsigned newline_anchor: 1

Member Data Documentation

unsigned long re_pattern_buffer::allocated

Definition at line 291 of file regex.h.

unsigned char* re_pattern_buffer::buffer

Definition at line 288 of file regex.h.

unsigned re_pattern_buffer::can_be_null

Definition at line 318 of file regex.h.

char* re_pattern_buffer::fastmap

Definition at line 302 of file regex.h.

unsigned re_pattern_buffer::fastmap_accurate

Definition at line 331 of file regex.h.

unsigned re_pattern_buffer::newline_anchor

Definition at line 345 of file regex.h.

unsigned re_pattern_buffer::no_sub

Definition at line 335 of file regex.h.

unsigned re_pattern_buffer::not_bol

Definition at line 339 of file regex.h.

unsigned re_pattern_buffer::not_eol

Definition at line 342 of file regex.h.

size_t re_pattern_buffer::re_nsub

Definition at line 311 of file regex.h.

unsigned re_pattern_buffer::regs_allocated

Definition at line 327 of file regex.h.

reg_syntax_t re_pattern_buffer::syntax

Definition at line 297 of file regex.h.

char* re_pattern_buffer::translate

Definition at line 308 of file regex.h.

unsigned long re_pattern_buffer::used

Definition at line 294 of file regex.h.

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