HT 2.1.0 released

This release features more advanced display and handling of PE relocations and a PE checksum calculation (thanks Mertens Engineering). HT now also contains a disassebler for the Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontroller. Additionally we fixed a lot of crashes concerning broken ELF files. We also updated the included minilzo.

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Official HT source repository moved to Github

The official source repository of HT moved to Github!

HT 2.0.22 released

Amongst various bugfixes, this release features the new option "editor/scroll offset" which determines how many extra lines the cursor should be visible when scolling (Thanks tecknicaltom).

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HT 2.0.21 released

Fixed the usage of unaligned pointers on certain platform and restructured the configure/makefile for better handling of ncurses depedency (Both changes thanks to Jan Engelhardt). This release again contains some smaller AVX updates.

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HT 2.0.20 released

The last release contained a serious bug making loading of 32 bit ELFs impossible. So here is a new release which also contains some minor new features.

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HT 2.0.19 released

A lot of x86 fixes and additions. Also a bugfix for win32 for loading files which long path names.

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HT 2.0.18 released

Bugfixes all over the place

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HT 2.0.13 released

Now with Intel-AVX opcodes :)

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HT 2.0.10 released

Now with SSE5 opcodes :)

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HT 2.0.8 released

Fixed loading of the java class analyser and an ugly infinite loop in fgetstrz. Contains also some cosmetic window resizing fixes.

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HT 2.0.7 released

I tested a gcc 4.3 snapshot, which found some problems in the HT source code (unimportant as long as you don't compile it with gcc 4.3) but also some real (but minor) problems.

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HT 2.0.6 released

A lot of small bug fixes since the last release.

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HT 2.0.3 released

This release features support for the upcoming SSE4.1 and SSE4.2 instruction sets.


HT 2.0.2 released!

Contains some small bug fixes here and there and a java class file update.


HT 2.0 released!

HT 2.0 is no longer beta!


HT 2.0beta6 released

I released 2.0beta6 which I hope will be renamed to 2.0 soon. Please report if there are any remaining regressions.


HT 2.0beta3 released

Some important bugfixes for the 2.0beta2 release. Win32 builds will follow.


HT 2.0beta2 released

Some bugfixes for the 2.0beta release. Please report more bugs!


HT 2.0beta released!

This is partly a rewrite of some old parts of HT to make it more portable (It now works on 64 bit platforms). Highlight are new disassembler for PE and ELF:

  • x86_64 (including assembler)
  • ARM (Thanks Laszlo)
  • 64 bit PowerPC (including VMX128 extensions)

Please test and report bugs (especially regressions). Win32 builds will follow.


HT 0.9.4 released

Another release with only x86 corrections.

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HT 0.9.3 released

Another small maintaince release. Mostly x86 problems fixed. Note that Win98 is no longer supported, you need WinXP (Win2000 untested).

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HT 0.9.2 released

A small maintaince release. Includes a fix for a compile error with gcc 4.1

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HT 0.9.1 released

I got two reports of problems with the name demangler. This release has a fresh new cp-demangle.c taken from gcc which should fix these crashes.

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HT 0.9.0 released

This release contains support for the x86 sse, sse2 and sse3 instructions (disassembler and assembler). Some file formats were updated and I did some updates and fixes here and there.

This release contains important security fixes, so please update.

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HT 0.8.0 released

This release contains only small bugfixes (HT now compiles with gcc 3.4.x) and minor new features (like g++ v3 abi demangler and x86/ppc disassembler updates)

Note that the original author of HT (steveman) died.

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Homepage redesigned and updated

Welcome to the new homepage of HT Editor!

HT 0.8.0pre1 released

We have released HT 0.8.0pre1. Please test and report bugs.

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